Iowa Future Problem Solving

Iowa Future Problem Solving 


 Iowa to host FPS International Conference in June 11-14, 2015!!

The International FPS Conference will be hosted at Iowa State University in June of 2015. Iowa FPS is very excited to have this honor!!!! Karen and Deb will be working closely with the ISU Event Planners, Julie and Megan, and with the FPSPI Director, Marianne, to host the BEST IC ever!! Stayed tuned for further developments!! See you at IC!!

The 2014 IC which was held at Iowa State appeared to be a great success!!! Thanks to all the wonderful Iowans who helped this happen!! Karen and Deb heard wonderful comments about the lovely ISU campus, the friendly people, great food on campus, nice dorms. One person even told Karen "I didn't know Iowa was going to be like this!" I'm not sure what she meant by that but I took it as a compliment since she appeared very happy when she said it!!

Karen and Deb at IC 2013

                                                           Karen and Deb at IC 2014. We had a great time!!! Hope to see you at IC 2015!!

Iowa International Winners!!

Congratulations to the following Iowa coaches for their wins at IC

Paula Lawson-Moore-Middle team 1st in skits

Hollie Weber-Senior team 5th in skits, 6th place senior individual

FPS Topics for 2013-2014                                         Postmark Date

Practice Problem 1     Impact of Social Media           October 10, 2014                              

Practice Problem 2     Processed Foods                     December 5, 2014 

Qualifying Problem     Propaganda                            February 13, 2015

State Bowl                 Enhancing Human Potential     April 17-18, 2015  Iowa State U, Ames

Marianne, Karen, April saying Hi to Cy during the Iowa State Site visit in preparation for Iowa State hosting the FPSPI International Conference.




Iowa Future Problem Solving welcomes you to our website. Future Problem Solving teaches students how to think, not what to think. We use a 6-step problem solving process to engage students in thinking beyond the obvious.

Iowa Future Problem Solving offers several different components which include;

Global Issues Problem Solving-students study several different topics during the school year and apply what they have learned to a Future Scene on the topic using the 6-step problem solving process they have learned. 

Community Problem Solving-students use the problem solving process to tackle an actual problem in their community. They use the 6 steps to refine their goal and actually carry out their action plan.

Scenario Writing-student write a futuristic scenario of no more than 1500 words on one of the 4 topics for the year or the previous year's IC-topic.

Action Based Problem Solving-a classroom-based component. Students learn the 6-step process and as a large group and/or in smaller teams, apply it to the scenario.

Our first summer coaches' training was a great success. We had 10 new (or almost new) coaches who met in Pella for a Saturday with Paula Lawson-Moore and Karen. Paula did a wonderful job teaching the new coaches all about FPS and how to coach teams. This was a wonderful group who awed us with their quick grasp of the six step problem solving process. They were fantastic. They worked their way through a shortened FPS packet and then did a skit based on their action plan. They had a blast and so did we! Their skits were wonderful! Look for a date for another one next summer and plan on joining us. We'd love to have new and not so new coaches come and learn more about FPS and successful coaching techniques.

Here is a group picture of the participants BS (before skits with no costumes yet!).

Future Problem Solving has four age divisions;                 

Juniors: grades 4-6                                                                                 

Middle: grades 7-9                                                                                

Seniors: grades 10-12

Adults: beyond high school-new division as of 2013

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