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Iowa Future Problem Solving 

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Results of 2016 International Conference are in!!! Go to and click on IC Results banner!!

Here are the trophy winners from Iowa and Iowa's mentored region Turkey. Congrats to all who participated!!

1st place Middle Skits Grace, Lexi, Colin, Hogan, and Maura home-schoolers coached by Paula Lawson-Moore

3rd place Middle MAGIC GIPS team member Nathan a home-schooler coached by Paula

3rd place Adult MAGIC GIPS team member Stacy Hockett-Sherlock from Iowa City (Stacy is a 2nd year coach)

1st place Junior CMPS (Education) team from Turkey

3rd place Senior CMPS (Civic) team from Turkey

1st place Junior Team Scenario Writing team member LiLou coached by Valli Ruggiero from Mid-Prairie CSD

2nd place Middle Team Scenario Writing team member Maria homeschooler coached by Paula Lawson-Moore

1st place Senior Team Scenario Writing team member Maylee homeschooler coached by Paula

1st place Junior Scenario Performance Baris from Turkey

It was great to see Iowa and Turkey so well represented at IC!!!!! 

 Latest Breaking News!!!!! Congratulations to Maylee on her 3rd place win in the International Scenario Writing Competition Senior division!! Maylee is coached by Paula Lawson-Moore. Maylee receives an invitation to IC as one of the top 5 Senior scenario writers in the world!! 

Karen and Deb at IC 2013

                                                           Karen and Deb at IC 2014. We had a great time!!! 




Iowa Future Problem Solving welcomes you to our website. Future Problem Solving teaches students how to think, not what to think. We use a 6-step problem solving process to engage students in thinking beyond the obvious.

Iowa Future Problem Solving offers several different components which include;

Global Issues Problem Solving-students study several different topics during the school year and apply what they have learned to a Future Scene on the topic using the 6-step problem solving process they have learned. 

Community Problem Solving-students use the problem solving process to tackle an actual problem in their community. They use the 6 steps to refine their goal and actually carry out their action plan.

Scenario Writing-student write a futuristic scenario of no more than 1500 words on one of the 4 topics for the year or the previous year's IC-topic.

Action Based Problem Solving-a classroom-based component. Students learn the 6-step process and as a large group and/or in smaller teams, apply it to the scenario.

Here is a great graphic of important dates for Global Issues teams and individuals. I also put it in FPS forms so you can download it and print it. Would be great to give to each student!!

Future Problem Solving has four age divisions;                 

Juniors: grades 4-6                                                                                 

Middle: grades 7-9                                                                                

Seniors: grades 10-12

Adults: beyond grade 12

                                                           Topics for school year 2016-2017

Problem # 1 Educational Disparities
Problem # 2 It's All in the Genes
Qualifying Problem  3D Printing
Affiliate Competition  Identity Theft

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