Iowa Future Problem Solving

Here are some links to article and videos about FPS. You will find information on research involving FPS, how it fits in the curriculum, how it helps meets district standards. You might have to copy and paste the links. Feel free to print any of this material for your use or to give to parents, students, administrators, or other interested parties.

Robyn Boswell, the director of the New Zealand FPS program has a video interviewing one of the New Zealand coaches and her team members about FPS.

This link will lead you to how FPS aligns with curriculum standards. Great resource to give to administrators, parents, school boards.

Here is a great one page document by Donald Treffinger you could use to promote FPS to parents and administration. I also have a longer article by Dr. Treffinger that I'd be happy to mail you. It is great material to give to someone who is questioning the value of FPS for their child or your program. It's a bit long to download so drop me an email if you'd like a copy!!

The link to the PARENT NEWSLETTER is:; click on PARENTS (left side); click on PARENTS NEWSLETTER. Coaches-this is a great resource for you as well as parents!! Take a look at it and tell your student's parents about it!

This is a link to the Future Problem Solving International

This link will take you to the FPSPI store where you can purchase excellent resources to use with your FPS students

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