Iowa FPS Forms

Registration Forms

Click this link to complete your registration form online
Click this link to get the registration form for paper registrations.
Feel free to print it and mail it to the Iowa FPS office (Iowa FPS – 1857 Springview Dr, Mason City, IA 50401) or save it and send it electronically to the Iowa FPS office. Please Note: Do NOT send to the International office. It will greatly delay your registrations.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are choosing to use the traditional booklets (the ones you print off and write on with a pen and/or pencil), remember to print them off on one side of the paper only.

Click here to get an Individual booklet for PP1 and PP2:

Click here to get the team booklet for PP1 if your team is only planning on writing 8 problems and 8 solutions. Do not use this for anything but PP1!! Teams may also choose to complete all 16 problems and solutions if they wish. Yes, it says individual booklet but it is the booklet we use for PP1 since teams may choose to complete only 8 problems and 8 solutions for PP1.

Click here to get a team booklet for PP1 and PP2. *For PP1, teams may choose to the shorter PP1 (only 8 problems or 8 solutions—-use Individual packet above.

Click this link for info on publications for coaches available at the FPSPI Mart.

Click this link to download the “Evaluate your Evaluator” form. Please make copies and send them to Paula at the address on the form. This really helps evaluators improve!! Evaluate Your Evaluator

Click this link to download the publication release for scenario writers. Publication Release and Statement of Authenticity

Click this link to download the cover sheet for your scenario. Iowa Scenario Writing Competition Cover Sheet